We are organizing the International Naturist Games Without Borders 2024 at Ada Bojana in Montenegro

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Let's go play, naked of course! With sun, sand and sea, an almost perfect combination, we will take you through a series of hilarious games that will put a smile on your face, encourage your competitive spirit and, above all, entertain you. Give yourself an extended weekend of (active) vacation as well as an opportunity to meet, socialize and compete with naturists from all over Europe.

If you've ever wondered what it's like to play with absolutely no clothes on, this is a great opportunity to find out for yourself and we think that the friendly environment of Ada Bojana, a well-known and favorite summer destination in Montenegro, is just the place for that. We are opening the 2024 summer season in the last weekend of June of the current year with the unusual Naturist Games without Borders. Last year's games on the Ada Bojana's 50th anniversary were an introduction to a new concept, and this year's games show that they were a success.

The Naturist Organization of Serbia, with the support of the International Naturist Organization (INF-FNI), of which it is a full member, with the aim of promoting naturism, the international federation and Ada Bojana as a destination, organizes the second naturist Games Without Borders in the most famous nudist settlement in Europe, Ada Bojana, Montenegro, from June 27th to 30th 2024.

The nudist center Ada Bojana is located on a "paradise island" surrounded by untouched nature, 15 km from Ulcinj, 35 km from the Bar railway station and 75 km from Podgorica airport. The island on which the nudist center is located is in the shape of a triangle - on two sides it is splashed on by the water of Bojana river, and on one side by the Adriatic Sea, which creates a 3 km long sandy beach. Far from street noise and city bustle, surrounded by the pure beauty of nature, adorned with Mediterranean vegetation, Ada Bojana is a place that visitors usually fall in love with on their first visit.

Montenegro is located in the Central European time zone (GMT+1). The official currency is the euro.


Price list for rooms based on half board with own transport

Room Type A per person121
Room Type A children 2-10 years85
Single room Type A184
Room Type L per person142
Room Type L children 2-10 years100
Single room Type L218

Price list for car camp

Children 4-12 years old6.8

Arrangement prices per person in euros.

You can see more information about accommodation on the Ulcinj Riviera website https://ulcinjska-rivijera.com/sr/pocetna/#Accomodation.

Prices are given in euros on the basis of half board, per person, for a three-night arrangement.

Breakfast and dinner are buffet style.

ROOMS: For children up to 2 years of age, the stay is free.

ROOMS: The indicated prices for children up to 10 years of age are for a separate bed.

CAR CAMP: For children up to 4 years of age, stay is free.

Conditions from the basic individual price list apply to children.

All rooms have no sea view.

The price does not include tourist tax and insurance, which amount to 1.50 euros per person per day.

It is possible to arrive and depart outside the specified times, information can be given on request.

Transfers from Podgorica Airport - Ada Bojana and Bar - Ada Bojana train station are possible, information can be given on request.

It is possible to organize organized transportation Belgrade - Ada Bojana - Belgrade.

The whole village with all facilities is intended exclusively for naturists. General naturist etiquette applies throughout the facility.

Participation in Games Without Borders is free.

Everyone can take part in the Games, regardless of membership in the Organization. All guests of the nudist settlement Ada Bojana can take part in the Games at the time they are held.


Games without borders programme

Thursday, Opening of the Games without borders
21.00 Joint evening of getting to know each other
21.00 Competition evening - karaoke
Saturday, Boat trip around Ada Bojana
21.00 Closing of the Games without borders / announcing the winners
Sunday, 30.06. (optional)10.00 Second Excursion

Games on naturist GAMES WITHOUT BORDERS 2024.


6 team membersparticipate in the competition. The equipment for the competitionconsists of one children's bucket and 6 plastic bottles of 1.5 or 2liters and a larger amount of cardboard that is placed between thelayers (the equipment is the same for each team). The game lasts 5minutes per team. The team's task is to build as many towers aspossible, by filling sand in a bucket, pouring water on it andcompacting it to firm it up, then turning the bucket upside down andbuilding a tower. It is necessary to build as many towers as possiblein the shortest possible time, but the competitors themselves choosewhether they will build the towers in one, two or three rows. Towersin the first row carry 2 points per tower (a tower is complete if itis 80% complete according to the judge's assessment), towers in thesecond row carry 10 points per tower, and towers in the third rowcarry 20 points per tower. Towers in higher rows can only be placedon three previous towers placed in a triangle. One card is placed onthree towers, so that a tower in a higher row can be placed on it.Ranking is determined based on the number of points for erectedtowers. The players in this game perform naked, and by agreement theycan have hats if the sun is strong and slippers because of the hotsand.


One team competes inrelay carrying water through the training ground, and members of allthe other teams form jammers, whose job is to interfere with thecompetitors carrying water by pouring water on them. Carrierstransfer water from player to player by pouring it from bottle tobottle, and the jammers pour water on them from plastic bottles whichthey can refill during the game. Each of the players carrying waterpasses through a series of obstacles to the next player and pourswater from his own bottle into his teammate's bottle and so forthuntil it reaches the sixth player who, after passing the obstacles,pours the water into a volume marked bucket/bowl. The winner is theteam who manages to fill the bowl the most. The game lasts 5 minutes,and the carriers can go through the training ground several times andbring extra water. Players in this game perform naked.


6 players per teamparticipate in the game. Depending on the number of teams, everyoneplays each other or, if there are more teams, a tournament is played,and the opponents are determined by a draw. The playing field isapproximately 10x5 meters in size. At the longer ends, in the middleof the line, two baskets are anchored (a basket or a tire that floatson the water and is fixed to the base with a rope and a stone, sothat it cannot float away). The rules are similar to basketball, onlythere is no dribbling, but there is no carrying the ball either, theball can only be pushed through the water, players can swim or runthrough the water. Catching the ball is allowed only when passing toa teammate, stealing the ball from an opponent or shooting in thebasket. There are no 3-point shots and each field goal is 1 point.Every personal foul is penalized with 2 free throws given to theopposing team, from a distance of 3 meters. The game is split intotwo 3 minute half times. At the half time break, teams change sides.Each game is refereed by 6 players from the team that is not playing,of which three are on the court, one at each basket, who count theshots and one, who is the timekeeper. Any intentional contact with anopponent, any carrying of the ball or improper and unsportsmanlikeconduct is considered a foul and each is punished by free throws.Time spent on taking free throws does not count as game time, nordoes any interruption due to any circumstances. If the competition isconducted in the league system, then a win carries 3 points, a drawcarries 1, and in the case of the same number of points in the finaltable, the placement is determined by the better basket difference.During tournament play, in the event of a tie, teams take turnsshooting free throws until all the players have taken their shots. Ifeven then there is no winner, the players continue taking turns untilsomeone misses, but after each round the throwing line moves 1 meterfurther away from the basket. Participants compete naked in thisgame.


All 6 playersparticipate, passing the baton through a set track from one toanother or from pair to pair, but each part of the track has to betaken on with a certain handicap such as: tied hands, tied legs,blindfolded , walking on hands, jumping in a sack, running throughwater, etc. Teams compete against the clock and for each mistake, apart of the route must be repeated or penalty seconds are awarded. Noclothes or footwear are allowed.


All 6 playersparticipate, passing the baton from one to the other. The baton is aball carried on a platter. Contestants are required to carry it fromthe shore through the water to a marked buoy, circle around it andthen return to the starting position, where it is taken over by a newplayer on that team. If the ball falls off the plate, the passer fromthe team retrieves it and places it back on the plate held by thecurrent baton holder, who's buried in the spot where he was at themoment the ball fell off the plate. The fall of the ball is signaledby the referee with a whistle, as well as the continuation ofcarrying the baton after the ball has been placed on the plate again.The passer may not start to pick up and place the ball until thereferee announces the drop of the ball. The baton holder may not moveon until the referee blows his whistle, which confirms that the ballhas been correctly placed on the plate. The time for which a teamwith all 6 players crosses the given route is measured - the shortesttime wins. Dropping the ball does not stop the clock. It would bebest if the second judge at the start only measures the time. If theball falls during a change in the relay, the same rule applies aswhen the ball falls anywhere on the track. The baton holder is notallowed to touch the ball, i.e. to hold the plate close to the body.A more difficult variant of this game is to hold the tray with theball above the head. It is preferable to play this game when thereare "decent" waves, to make everything more interesting. Noclothing or footwear is allowed in this game except hats andsunglasses.


All 6 players of ateam participate. The distance between the two buoys is about 20m andtheres a rope stretched between. Directly behind the rope are all 6players of one team in waist-high water, forming a chain and holdinghands, facing the shore. One player of the opposing team (shark)starts in front of the rope from the shore and has 5 minutes to passthis rope barrier without being caught by the "living chain"of the opposing team. This must be attempted by every player on theopposing team. Later, the roles of the teams change. "Shark"can run, walk, swim or dive. The chain must not be interrupted, i.e.there must always be a connection with the adjacent link in thechain. The team that has more "sharks" that broke throughthe barrier wins. The "shark" has to break through thebarrier only between those two buoys. No clothing or footwear isallowed in this game except hats and sunglasses.


For any additional information, you can contact us via the NOS phone +381 64 90 16 213 or email office@nos.org.rs.

Information service of the Naturist Organization of Serbia

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